Workshop Descriptions

 Which workshop is right for you? Brief summaries are below, and the More Information links take you to individual workshop pages.

We are committed to ensuring access for all midwives. Membership and Midwife of Color discounts are available, as well as Reparations Tickets for midwives affected by historic enslavement or Indigenous genocide, and Pay-What-You-Can-Tickets for those with limited financial means.

All hands-on workshops are limited to 6 participants to allow for personalized assessment and mentoring.

Suturing for Midwives 101: Introduction to Suturing Skills
$0 $5 $10     

 For Students and Midwives at all phases of their careers

This workshop reviews how to use instruments to their best advantage during suturing and demonstration of suturing techniques for repair of birth lacerations. An ideal way to "try on" a workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring your questions!

Tiered pricing:  $0, $5, $10

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Suturing Skills: Perineal Repair  for Midwives  $575

For Midwives who have competed their midwifery education and clinical competencies

7 CE 

Now 2 sessions! Session one of this workshop reviews and builds on core competencies for suturing and knot-tying. Session two focuses on anatomical repair of birth lacerations, with hands-on simulation to expand and refine your skills. 

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Suturing for Midwives: Repair of Birth Lacerations at Community Birth   $195

For Midwives who want to refine their suturing skills for repair of birth lacerations in the community setting
3.5 MEAC contact hours applied for

This workshop builds on the basic competencies for repair of birth lacerations in the context of birth at home or in the birth center. Focus is on systematic assessment of birth tears, deciding whether or not suturing is needed, handling instruments, and approximation of  birth-related tissue trauma.

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Individualized Mentoring for Suturing Skills and Repair of Birth Lacerations

For Students, Midwives, Educators, and Preceptors at all phases of their careers 
$75/1 hour session, students receive a 30% discount 

Simulation Hours or CE available based on session content. Personalized mentoring sessions allow the learner to choose their area of focus, explore techniques and refine their skills at their own pace. Each participant formulates their own learning plan. Multi-hour packages available on request.

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Student Perineal Repair Workshop   $375

For Student Midwives from all educational backgrounds    
6 Simulation Hours 

This hands-on workshop covers the essentials of suturing, knot-tying, and repair of second degree lacerations to build core competencies in tear prevention and repair of tissues after birth.

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Midwife Simulation Sessions  $35

For Students and Midwives at all phases of their careers
1 Simulation Hour

These informal small group sessions provide midwives and students with an interactive opportunity for developing their suturing skills and repairing simulated birth lacerations. 

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Teaching Perineal Repair Skills for Core Competencies  $195

For Midwives who are Educators and Preceptors
2 CE 

This workshop provides faculty and preceptors with competency-specific techniques for teaching, mentoring, and evaluating students and novice clinicians learning the complex behavioral skills of suturing, knot-tying, identification of genital tract anatomy, assessment of lacerations, and their repair.

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