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Individualized Mentoring 

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Had a challenging birth tear or need to work on your knot-tying or suturing techniques?

Midwife mentoring sessions let you build your individualized learning session to meet your specific needs. Participants are invited to submit 1-3 learning objectives a week before their mentoring session so it can be tailored to your learning needs. We can include any combination of didactic education, demonstration of techniques, and simulation in each session in order to meet your objectives.

For the birth tear simulation, participants must have their own instruments (a needle holder, tissue forceps, suture scissors, and small clamp are recommended), sutures, and models. Models can be foam, foam and fabric, synthetic perineums, or tissue, such as beef tongue, turkey breast (preferably with skin), beef roast, pork roast, or chicken breast (great for simulation of friable tissues).

For information about materials and models, please see our Simulation Supplies link on our Resources Page.

Mentoring sessions are offered in increments of 60 minutes, which includes 50 minutes of mentoring. Participants may purchase tickets for concurrent sessions if desired. Simulation hours or CE may be available depending on the content of your session. For alternate dates, times, or groups of up to 3 participants please reach out to us at [email protected]

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Midwives of Color discount: BIPOC may receive a 15% discount. Use code: MOCEquity

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