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We offer continuing education programs for midwives from all backgrounds. 

About Nell Tharpe MS CNM FACNM

Education and Skills for Midwifery Practice

My passion is helping midwives improve their skills and gain confidence as practitioners and leaders in midwifery practice. Small group workshops, individualized mentoring, and sharing with your midwifery colleagues builds skills, understanding, and resilience in midwifery practice. Simulation and reflection are hallmarks of the programs I offer.

My background is as a full scope midwife with experience from home to birth center, and community hospital to tertiary care center. I've carried for women and clients from newborn through age eighty seven. To meet the needs of the small community in which I live and practiced, I attained a second certification as a Certified Registered Nurse First  Assistant (CRNFA). My passion in caring for families was ensuring continuity of care across the lifespan.

I teach at Jeffers (Philadelphia University + Thomes Jefferson University) and Birthwise Midwifery School. I've provided NRP workshops for community birth, and other workshop since early i n my career. After 20 years of hospital-based midwifery practice, I transitioned to teaching and writing, being an advocate for excellence in midwifery, and sleeping at night (yay for sleep!). I remain actively engaged in midwifery through hands-on and on-line continuing education programs, professional writing, and engagement in ACNM, within the CPM community, and representing midwives and midwifery through participation in state and national projects. 

I live on the coast of Maine and am happy to share  my space with midwives who come for workshops,  

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Mentoring Midwives

I'm all about hands-on simulation, practice, mentoring, and self-evaluation as the way to excellence in midwifery practice.
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